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Kenda Press produced 6 titles in the first year--or 11 if you count 5 of the titles produced in 2 languages, English and Swedish. The 30th anniversary edition of Hummer, in English, was completed with a November 2021 release date, while the Swedish version, Nynna, was released in August of 2022. Blazes & Brimstone released on October 22, 2022 and has received excellent trade reviews. Coming in 2023:

Bad Axe, Michigan


Snowboarding in May when Bears Wake Up


Kenda Press is dedicated to create a passion for reading. Every story deserves a home and a place to take off. All children deserve to be readers with a wealth of stories to enrich their lives.

Pigs Like Isa


Kenda Press will publish across numerous genres for the young to tween to young adult reader, nourishing stories that deserve to be heard. 

Pigs Like Isa

Kenda Press in the US: 8540 South Merritt Rd, Falmouth, Michigan, 49632 Tel: (231) 920-1636
                      In Sweden: Kardis 127, S-98492 PAJALA, Sweden     Tel: +46 76 795 11 90 

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